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Website Watcher Outil de veille automatis�e, le meilleur outil pour surveiller des sites web logiciel de veille informationnelle -

We hereby want to express a warm welcome and best wishes to our UK website

We hope that Website Watcher to be of help to you as it does for me :

Website Watcher is a life saver 🙂

Bookmark statistics

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WebSite-Watcher 2010 has a new statistic feature that shows lots of advanced information about your bookmarks. You can call it in the main menu with “View + Statistic“.

The initial view shows a very simple report that gives an overview of the attention you’re spending on each of your bookmarks.

You can either show statistics of the current month or over the whole collection period. WebSite-Watcher already collects these statistics since version 5.1.0.

Clicking the “Show details” button in the toolbar displays many advanced information, for example:

– Avg. time how long a page was opened
– How many links were clicked in a page
– How often a page was opened
– How many data was transferred

The status line shows either the summery or the average of fields. Clicking onto one of these cells swaps between summary and average.

Toolbar Delete Button

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WebSite-Watcher 2010 has several improvements to check for and install new program versions.

Beside the optional automatic update check you can now also look for new Final or Beta versions in the Help menu (“Check for new version…”).

When a new version has been detected, you are asked if you want to install the new version automatically or if you only want to open the download page to download and install the setup manually.

If you select “Install Now”, then WebSite-Watcher will automatically download and install the new version with just a minimum of mouse clicks. Concretely, WebSite-Watcher downloads the setup package and calls the setup afterwards, no need to select the setup folder and other configurations during the setup, this is done automatically.

This new update functionality has been introduced in WebSite-Watcher 2010 (10.0 Beta-4). Beta-5 will be released in a couple of days, then you’ll be able to test this new feature.

Preview RSS feeds

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Clicking the “Add RSS feed” button as shown above still opens the “Add to Bookmarks” dialog, but this dialog has now a “Preview” button that lets you preview the content of an RSS feed before you finally add it as new bookmark.

AM-DeadLink and Firefox 3.x

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Great news for Firefox users, we could finally implement Firefox 3.x support into AM-DeadLink.

AM-DeadLink 4.1 will fully support FF3 dead link checking, downloading FavIcons is however not possible. When you select “Firefox 3.x” in the main toolbar, you’ll be asked to close Firefox 3.x, it’s not possible to scan your bookmarks while Firefox is running.

We have now uploaded a first beta, please provide feedback if you experience any kind of problems.

New bookmark columns

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Have you ever tried to find bookmarks with specific configurations, for example all bookmarks that have the “Send Mail” feature enabled? Or bookmarks that have a Watch filter defined? Ouch, it was always a pain because you had to check the properties of each bookmark manually to get this information.

WebSite-Watcher 2010 (10.1 Beta-1) introduces new columns that will help to show such an information in the main window.

1. New column “Added”
This column shows the bookmark creation date. It was often suggested by our customers and is now finally available.

2. Three new custom columns
More powerful are three custom columns that can be used to show selected bookmark properties. To configure these custom columns, simply open “Options + Columns” in the main menu, then click the tab “Custom columns”.

The button “…” allows you to select the bookmark property that should be displayed in the custom column. For example alternative e-mail addresses which are entered in the “Send Mail” bookmark action.

If a custom column contains text information, then the Find feature will also search these columns. If the content of a custom column is larger than 250 characters, then only the first 250 characters will be displayed.

Using Save-As to archive documents to LWA

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Local Website Archive V3 introduced a new feature to archive PDF documents that were saved to a pre-defined folder (either manually or via a Virtual PDF Printer).

This feature has now been enhanced in Local Website Archive 2010 (10.0 Beta-2) to also import HTML documents and text files.

If an application has a Save-As command to save a document in HTML or TXT format, you can save it into a pre-defined folder (eg. C:\LWA). When you start Local Website Archive, all Html/Text documents from that folder will be imported and archived. This pre-defined folder can be configured in the program configuration of Local Website Archive, I personally use C:\LWA (it’s fast to enter and easy to remember).

This method provides an easy way to archive documents from e-mail clients (eg. Outlook), news readers, etc.

New Plugin: IFilter Text Extraction

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WebSite-Watcher 2010 (10.1 Beta-2) has a new Plugin to extract text content from proprietary file formats (eg. PDF, DOC, PPT, …) via the IFilter system. IFilter is the system used by Windows Search to search through files in proprietary formats. IFilters are usually installed by Office Suites, PDF readers, etc.

This plugin supports any file format for which you have an IFilter installed and can typically be used to extract text from PDF files, Powerpoint files, Word files, Open Document files, or even from Open Office files (*.sxw, *.sxc, …) if you have Open Office installed.

The IFilter plugin is not assigned automatically, you have to assign it manually in the bookmark properties (Advanced + Plugin).

Check HTML files for dead links

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Beside native Firefox 3.x support, AM-DeadLink 4.1 also supports dead link checking of HTML files. This can either be done via the user interface, or via command line parameters.

Using command line parameters allows you to embed AM-DeadLink into any HTML editor that can start external programs, for example WeBuilder 2010, TopStyle 4, etc.

Here’s a screenshot of a typical configuration how AM-DeadLink can be integrated into WeBuilder 2010:

Or into TopStyle 4:

Improved database stability

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We have just uploaded WebSite-Watcher 2010 (10.2) Beta-1.

Main focus in that version is increased database stability, WebSite-Watcher also performs several integrity checks and auto corrections during runtime.

Should you have a corrupted database, WebSite-Watcher is now able to restore more data from damaged databases as in previous versions.

If you don’t have a working backup and your database has too many physical damages and is no longer repairable, then you can use the new feature “Re-Create database from cache folder“. This feature re-creates your database from scratch from files which are saved in the WebSite-Watcher cache folder. It’s an additional layer to restore data everything else goes wrong.

Now let’s hope that your database will never have physical damages and you will never need this new feature!

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