Your upgrade to version 11.3 is ready :-)

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Come on, it’s free to try :D

We have seven mirrors for you:

Download (9.3 MB)     Mirror (9.3 MB) Mirror (9.3 MB) Mirror (9.3 MB) Mirror (9.3 MB) Mirror (9.3 MB) Mirror (9.3 MB)

Supported operating systems: Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Vista, XP, 2000

Update info: If you install a new version, do not uninstall your existing copy of WebSite-Watcher – just install the new version over the old one!


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This video shows how to monitor a web page for specific keywords.
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Ignore unwanted content
This video shows how to ignore content using the Filter-Assistant.
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Use AutoWatch
This video shows how to check bookmarks with the integrated AutoWatch scheduler.
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