Did you miss the previous update? Never mind, version 11.4 has been released!

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We have seven mirrors for you:

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Supported operating systems: Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Vista, XP, 2000

Update info: If you install a new version, do not uninstall your existing copy of WebSite-Watcher – just install the new version over the old one!

What’s new in WebSite-Watcher 2011

We’re are delighted to announce the release and immediate availability of WebSite-Watcher 2011.

Below you can find selected highlights of that major new version, a full list of new features and changes is available in the very long version history.

Virtual folders
Virtual folders contain only bookmarks that meet certain criteria which can be defined in the virtual folder dialog. For instance bookmarks that contain certain keywords or bookmarks with a certain check status message.
For example, you can create a virtual folder for your hometown and enter keywords that are related to it. Then all pages (from any folder) which contain one of these keywords are listed in that virtual folder. More…
Changes side bar
When you open a bookmark in the internal browser of WebSite-Watcher 2011, you can see the changes bar on the left side. This bar shows where changes and keywords are located and makes it easy to scroll to these locations. The changes side bar is optional and can be enabled/disabled in the View menu. More…
Offset before first change
When you open a bookmark and WebSite-Watcher automatically jumps to the first change, it is always shown at the top of the browser window. With that feature you can scroll back the configured number of pixels. This makes reading of the first change much more comfortable for certain pages. This option can be configured per bookmark (“Advanced” tab + “Options”).
Automatically download RSS feed enclosures (podcasts)
WebSite-Watcher 2011 comes with an integrated download manager that can be used to automatically download RSS feed enclosures (for example “attached” MP3 files). This feature can optionally be turned on per bookmark.

Further highlights:

  • Internet Explorer Macros with CAPTCHA protected logins supported.
  • Import/Export bookmarks inclusive properties from/to Excel spreadsheets. More…
  • New special filter to monitor entries in drop down and list boxes.
  • Pre-defined ignore filters (globally or per folder)
  • Highly improved Javascript support for Internet Explorer Check Macros
  • Rewritten and enhanced Excel Plugin
  • Option “Ignore updates” supports a white-list mode. More…

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