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I have received many queries on Website Watcher Updates. Here we go:

Update/Upgrade policy

Update to new versions

1.         One year of free major updates
The initial purchase of WebSite-Watcher includes one year of free major updates. Major updates are indicated by a change in the first version number, for example an update from version 2010 (10.0) to 2011 (11.0). The life cycle (and reference date for updates) of a major version always starts with the date of the first beta version, for example 2010 (10.0 Beta-1). That means that you usually get one major update for free.

2.         Free minor updates and bug fixes
If you buy a copy of WebSite-Watcher, you will get all minor updates and bug fix releases (within the same major version that was released within your update subscription) for free. Minor updates are updates where the first version number is not changed. For example an update from version 2010 (10.0) to 2010 (10.1).

3.         Update price
Once your update subscription has expired, you can buy a new major version inclusive 1 year of free major updates. The price is only 50% of the full version.

4.         Bought versions will never expire
If you decide not to renew your update subscription, then only the ability to update to new major versions expires. Your license doesn’t expire and you can work as long as you want with a version that was released before or within your update subscription.

5.         Buy an update whenever you want
You can renew your subscription at any time, also months or many major versions later to get access to recent versions. You are not forced to prolong your update subscription on the same day it expires. The “one year free major updates” clause restarts on the day you buy the update.

If you wish to upgrade, here are links for the costing and for your easy reference:

Basic Edition : http://bit.ly/updatebasic

Personal Edition : http://bit.ly/updateperso

Business Edition : http://bit.ly/updatebiz

Site License : http://bit.ly/updatesite

Enterprise License : http://bit.ly/updateent

We are at your disposal for any further information at the usual address [email protected]


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