New version WebSite-Watcher 2012 (12.3)

September 28th, 2012 § 0 comments

New version available for download

We’re pleased to announce the availability of WebSite-Watcher 2012 (12.3).

Installing this new version requires an active Update Subscription. If your license was good for version 2012 (12.0), then version 2012 (12.3) will of course also work with your license.

You can check or renew your Update Subscription in the WebSite-Watcher Help menu via “Downloads / Update Subscription”.

Simply download and install this new version over the existing version. You can also use “Help + Check for new version” to automatically install this update.

Download WebSite-Watcher:


Legend: [+] added, [x] changed/improved, [-] bugfix

Version 2012 (12.3) – 25-Sep-2012

[+] New Plugin: Monitor file by checksum (use this plugin if a binary file cannot be checked with other check settings or plugins)
[+] Update-Ticker: It’s now optional to hide the Update-Ticker while another program is in full screen mode (Program configuration + Advanced)
[+] Extended Search: Show progress bar in toolbar instead of separate status window
[+] Folder properties: If settings are inherited from a parent folder, then a related message is displayed instead of disabled properties
[x] Internal browser: If default zoom is not equal to 100%, then the back button could reset to 100%
[x] Internet Explorer Macros improved: The logout didn’t work correctly under certain circumstances
[-] When recording a new Check-Macro, WebSite-Watcher could suggest a wrong starting URL under certain circumstances – Thread
[-] Bookmark action “Open page”: Option to open in TEXT/ANALYSIS tab didn’t work correctly
[-] Update-Ticker was not displayed after leaving full screen mode under certain circumstances
[-] Download Manager could not download files under certain circumstances
[-] Portable Edition: WebSite-Watcher could report AutoBackup files as dead under certain circumstances

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